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Dave ditches the eco-bling

Wind turbines on homes ‘eco-bling’

Field trials carried out last year by the government-funded Energy Saving Trust found that the most productive building-mounted wind turbines in urban or suburban areas generated only £26 of electricity a year. Many of these turbines, which cost about £1,500, were net consumers of electricity because their controls drew power from the grid when the wind was low.

David Cameron installed a wind turbine on the roof of his home in West London but was forced to remove it because he had not obtained planning permission. His spokeswoman said yesterday that the turbine had been returned to the architect. “The technology has moved on so there was no point in putting it back up,” she said.

I don't think it was the technology that had moved on so much the political climate.


Seeing as even the MSM have finally begun to acknowledge that the science isnt proven and that a flock of sheep (or warmists) is still only as clever as the smartest sheep, maybe this could be CMD's first small step towards ditching the eco-humbug and coming up with a policy that people can support?

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