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Enough. That's the message.

Voter anger caught fire in final days - The Boston Globe

Angry Massachusetts voters sent Washington a ringing message yesterday: Enough.

Enough, exactly, but will they listen? And will our politicians also stop and think?


If you don/t mind an answer to your questions from the other side of the pond: No and No. At least I hope so, in our case, because the harder and longer they push their ideological agenda, the better chance of putting electoral handcuffs on them in November. God knows, the opposition party leadership haven't been much help. But that's a story you are all too familiar with.

There has been some reorientation. If thoroughly egregious slimeball Barney Frank (architect of the Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac debacle) is cautioning about pushing forward until Scott Brown is seated, then Obama is in big trouble. Claire McCaskill has made similar noises. Likewise Evan Bayh and a couple of others.

I still reckon the Democratid shysters will try to ram something through, but a lot of their political cover is blown. Brown's election was in large part a repudiation of the high-handedness coming out of Washington. To ignore the mood of the electorate might be smart tactically, but strategically it could backfire badly. The question really hinges on whether enough Democrats are willing to leap on the grenade for Obama. As it stands, casualties are likely to include Ben Nelson and Dingy Hary Reid. Barbara Boxer is at risk. These are strange times.

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