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Back to the wild woods

Clean energy drive to turn UK into giant forest - Times Online

Britain’s forest cover could double under a plan to map every underused piece of land for potential conversion to plantations to feed wood and crop-burning power stations.
Millions of fast-growing trees, such as eucalyptus and willow, could be planted on moorland, hillsides, former industrial areas and even land owned by conservation bodies such as the National Trust .

Sterile plantations to replace unique species rich uplands and moors doesn't quite have the same eco ring to it does it.


...or alternatively they could save the UK's ecological heritage, avoid a blot on the landscape from 70,000 windmills (or whatever the stupid number is now), keep the Severn intact and not kill all the wildlife there as well by building a barrage. Instead build a flock of nuclear power stations to provide all the energy we need with no CO2 emissions (if you're one of the last few remaining Mann Made Global Warmists). Use the proven Fench design so no R&D delays or spend. Put them next to the existing nukes so no delays with pointless planning protests etc plus the Grid is already configured to take power from those locations.

Squirm, wriggle, wriggle - the eco-facists will say and do anything to avoid having to admit they have been proven to be conclusively wrong on every aspect of energy policy for a generation.

Eucalypt crops do burn so very well - see experience in Australia. If it ever gets warm.

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