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Give us today our daily bread

Millions wrongly think they have food allergy - Telegraph

One in five adults think they are allergic to food, with most stating a wheat intolerance as the problem.
However, when they are actually tested just two per cent have a genuine allergy or intolerance, a report from the University of Portsmouth said.
Half of the population believe wheat allergy or intolerance is common but in reality it is as rarer than peanut allergy which has recently been found to hit only one in 50.
The researchers said that 4.5 per cent of people thought they were allergic to wheat where as studies in children had shown that in reality less than one in 200 actually had a problem.
The figures did not include coeliac disease where the immune system does not function correctly.
The Wheat Hypersensitivity Report was commissioned by the Flour Advisory Bureau.

I often wonder when I see some stupid woman going on about her delicate system and how she can only eat handpicked sun flower seeds if she is also allergic to slap round the head as she drags her sex back to Victorian vapours incapacity.

(If you are allergic, you know it, it is not a vague feeling, feed me a fish paste sandwich and don't try and get in the way of me rushing to the door.)


And the Flour Advisory Bureau, they would be completely neutral as regards sales of wheat, of course. You are paying for this as a grower. Usually the sort of quango you'd moan about.

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