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Blue Green Immorality

Tories plan green taxes to pay for generous marriage tax breaks - Telegraph

Taxes on driving, flying and other environmentally-damaging activities are to be increased by the Conservatives to fund tax breaks for married couples with children, the Daily Telegraph can disclose
The plan for green taxes will not be introduced until later in a new Conseravtive government's first term, but it is seen as crucial if the Mr Cameron is to win a second term as prime minister.
David Cameron will today put his plans to heal the “moral” decline of Britain under Labour at the centre of his election campaign

So slapping holier than thou taxes on people enjoying themselves to bribe the breeders to vote Tory is somehow "moral" is it?
If he thinks that it will win him a second term then he needs to go back to the bong for another hit.


Ok ok, how about a tax on unmarried breeders then? Because right now, unless a woman sacks the dad, she actually pays the taxman a premium in order to be in a relationship with a live-in-male -- the current system is geared towards singles living in polyandry and punishes monogamy by making married/cohabiting people substantially worse off than singles. A professional single breeder who gets preggers every few years in order to milk the dole system and works 15 hours a week on the till in the local supermarket can make as much money as someone who earns £30k a year, after taxes. Those are the people that need taxing, not the poor muppets who finance them!

Btw, the idea that you raise taxes in A in order to pay for B is superficial, as no funds ever get ringfenced in reality, and what is left is not returned but wasted elsewhere, nor i any tax ever abolished when it's 'cause' has morphed.

No matter which way you turn it, the UK is epically broke and will remain so for the foreseeable future, the small amount Dave is talking about for married people is a drop in the ocean here and totally unimportant. Already, we know the state pension liabilities and PFI and other things cannot (and will not) be paid off, and as always, this is only a fraction of the truth that is hidden in the accountants' books.

As for the bong -- I suspect the problem is that Dave doesn't smoke enough of it... otherwise he'd be more coherent and have better ideas.

Ps.: The UK needs a real conservative party, not an Ersatz-NuLabour fan club. You know the Tories are not conservative at all, and you would not vote for them if there was an alternative at all. Someone ought to set the trading stanrds onto them to get them change their name under the Trade Description act to 'The Closetsocialist'...

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