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Climate doesn’t kill people. Weather does.

Weather eye: Increase in the UK's cold-weather death rates - Times Online

One shocking fact from this winter’s big freeze is that the death rate across Britain soared. Figures from the National Office for Statistics show that in the bitterly cold first week of January the death rate rose to 13,000, roughly 10,000 more than during milder weeks in early winter. But rather than hypothermia, these deaths were caused largely by heart attacks, strokes and respiratory diseases.

One warmist journalist (I can't find the link) was trying to say that only 25 people or so had died from the cold weather because that was the number who had slipped on or through the ice and that the thousands to die headlines were alarmism. They weren't. Cold, not heat, is the killer.

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It was suggested to me by some one with anecdotal evidence that despite spikes in death rates during cold weather the annual death rate may not be significantly affected as lower death rates than usual may follow during the following milder weather.

On page 7 of the current edition of Private Eye they make fun of the forecast by the Daily Express that 60,000 "ice deaths" are likely to occur because of the cold weather. P.E. then claim that only 31 people have died due to accidents in the snow. Not the same thing, of course, unless the Express were being uncharacteristically precise over the meaning of "ice deaths".

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