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Does Dave want our votes or not?

Raise drink prices and defy ‘immoral’ supermarkets, Tory strategist demands - Times Online

David Cameron should impose significant increases in taxes on beer, wine and spirits if elected prime minister, according to the man charged with leading Conservative social policy.
In an interview with The Times, Iain Duncan Smith accuses the supermarkets of “being as close to immoral as you can get” by selling alcohol so cheaply and of “creating alcoholics”.
The former Tory leader says that the political parties are “in the grip of cowardice” for failing to advocate a big jump in the cost of alcohol for fear of alienating the voters before the general election. He says the tax should be ring-fenced for spending on the treatment of alcohol-related illnesses.

DaveWatch: Chairman Cameron sends his steel-hard cadres for re-education on climate change – Telegraph Blogs
Ten “high-fliers” from the Conservative candidates’ list were despatched last week to a “workshop” (what else?) designed to indoctrinate them into the mythology of climate change.
It looks as if Dave and his comrades were alarmed by a survey of Conservative candidates in winnable seats that showed “reducing Britain’s carbon footprint” came bottom of a list of 19 priorities for these unreconstructed Tories. The “re-education” course was run by an organisation called Green Alliance.....he Cameronian Conservative Party chains itself to the dead myth of AGW and attempts to indoctrinate its candidates into that discredited socialist superstition.
Why do Dave and his chums not simply parade wearing placards reading “Don’t vote for us”?


I was halfway through writing pretty much exactly the same post when this appeared in my RSS reader! Having spoken to a lot of my friends recently I believe that DC is really trying to build a stronger UKIP, there can be no other reason for these policy decisions - they're not vote winners just vote losers.

Seems as if he's fallen for the lobbyist hype, either that or he knows it's going to be really bad and want the ones who caused it to deal with it.

His policies are puzzling in so many ways.

Disappointing from IDS. Cheap booze *is not the problem* the people choosing get drunk and cause trouble, and them not being properly punished for the problems they cause, is.

Want to stop workshy dolescum spending child benefits and unemployment benefits on beer and vodka? Stop putting money in their hands use vouchers and food parcels instead.(You'd think people on benefits would be the most nannied in the country what with the 5 a day and 'Are you full of it' salt crap and whatnot, but no, the Government just throws money at them. It has no other ideas.) Want to cut down the aggro from drunks at chucking out time? Deal with them properly.

The Government has incentivised such decreptitude.

As for Dave and the Green Alliance, you make a good point but try a bit harder Gerald! He got the entire way through it without mentioning that Zac Goldsmith is one of the trustees. So too is Gordon Brown's Pollster in his Pocket - Deborah Mattinson. GA have lobbyied Government and Opposition alike. They have been lauded by George Osborne and recieved taxpayer's money via Defra, DCLG, FCO and God knows where else. Westminster bought the warmist agenda yonks ago and Dave knows which side his bread is buttered.

"Why do Dave and his chums not simply parade wearing placards reading 'Don’t vote for us'?"

What a relief.

I thought it was just ignorant old colonial me way out here in Canada who was befuddled by the seemingly suicidal political tendencies of Cameronianism.

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