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Pen Hadrow Missing Again In A Snowy Waste

Pen Hadow admits battery was the problem on Arctic climate change expedition - Telegraph

... The article has been replaced with a large white space on the Telegraph website, was it an unexpected blizzard that caught it? I know it was there last night. I hope he will survive.
Seems they changed the battery and didn't test the new one which didn't work but all was worthwhile because they dug lots of holes to prove that the ice the satellite told them was first year ice, and so the best place for them to stroll around on, was in fact first year ice. Phew, thank goodness for that.


...and we're supposed to accept this as credible science?

Call me a suspicious bastard if you will, but I suspect this revelation of British amateur chumpishness is nothing but a smokescreen. If one reads on one discovers a small comment which has some real significance, in my view:

The team only made it half way to their goal because of bad weather.

The expedition whose sole purpose was to "prove" how bad global warming real is, had to come home early because the weather was too cold and windy!

Perhaps I am wierd, but I find that way funnier than stories about bumbling fools who couldn't change the batteries in a Christmas toy.

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