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Never mind the facts just believe.

Don’t let glacier howler cloud bigger picture | Mark Lynas - Times Online

... Nothing is worse for scientific progress than lots of experts sitting around constantly agreeing with one another.
The sceptics would be more useful though if they were truly sceptical, challenging evidence and examining it rigorously. Instead, most believe any new theory, however implausible, that allows them to ignore the reality of climate change. This is denial, not scepticism. Challenge the “facts” presented by the green lobby; but don’t reject the overall conclusions of the IPCC — the most important joint scientific body ever established — just because they are ideologically inconvenient.


Mark says: "That is why climate change is science, not religion. Nothing is settled and sacred; all is subject to constant revision."

Funny that, in the Guardian in 2007 he had this to say:

"The real truth - that all major scientific questions about global warming have long been settled in a way that largely supports the environmentalist position -"


For people like Mark Lynas who have built their entire existence around the AGW myth, its demise is going to be very painful. Nothing says "I'm a huge great gullible twat" more than being the author of books based on the truth of AGW.

But's it a lot easier to recover if you're the one that's decided to say "I'm a huge great gullible twat" and take it on the chin. Then you can talk about the new evidence, why you changed etc etc. You're in control and stand a chance of making it look like this was an intended change of position.

Alternatively you have the whole world accuse you of it, you deny it for ages and ages, stick like a limpet to beliefs that are shown to be false, deny it some more, refuse to budge on anything, accuse your critics of all kinds of personal and academic deficiencies......and then get fired and lose your Nobel prize.

"The sceptics would be more useful though if they were truly sceptical, challenging evidence and examining it rigorously." Er, like Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, then? Or don't they count? Oh, no, of course not.

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