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Who Bought Lord Gnome's Silence?

Biased BBC: notes very little about the growing storm around the IPCC and Rajendra K. Pachauri . Not surprising.

James Delingpole pointed out last month that "Private Eye has chosen to pretend that the most important issue of our time isn’t happening."
Next issue is make or break for the magazine. Its silence on this scandal is shocking, and makes buying it increasingly a waste of money.


I watched Hislop smear the 'deniers' on one show - he is, unfortunately, a 'true believer'.

We will just have to see if the wool falls from his eyes, or he exhibits cognitive dissonance and continues to insist that the evil skeptics are threatening the world....

I wonder whether Andrew Neil's skeptic-friendly blog denotes a change of heart at the BBC, or whether he is just getting very close to retirement...

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