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Just the facts, please.

Cut-paste mentality -Times Online

...my lectures on climate change and biodiversity. He will see that universities do not encourage a “cut and paste” mentality in our students. In fact, we urge them to question the data and check the primary sources for themselves, and teach them the difference between genuine scepticism (which questions data) and outright denial (which holds to a point of view regardless of the evidence).
The IPCC made one minor error in source checking, and have admitted it. Compare this to the tax-obsessed climate change deniers, who routinely get their “facts” from right-wing blogs, discredited data, or their own imagination — and who never, ever admit that they are wrong. Science is a fundamentally honest process, but the same cannot always be said of its critics.
Dr Richard Milne
Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences, The University of Edinburgh

Cut 'n' paste opinions rather than facts I think..


Form the wagons into a circle. .....

Universities may not encourage "cut and paste" but it would appear that the IPCC does nothing else.

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