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This knife of Sheffield steel This is England

Disappearing acts: Making a Sheffield pocket knife | guardian.co.uk

More and available here


Ah, what a great song that was, from an otherwise iffy album...

Dear Tan english mans castle,

We have just luanched a website


Which is basically starting its B2B by making sure we get all and as many businesses manufacturers in Sheffield and then other cities registered before we hit the atlantic and our European friends.

The Gold Membership is reduced to five Dollars of five Pounds for now.

Which should go upto 4000 Pounds.

So please do register.

We plan on upping the businesses in Sheffield first and making sure these manufacturers are registered first.

Then we plan on going Global.

So for the next 7 days. It is just within the sheffield Region.After that we will try and contact people outside of Sheffield.

If you do send invites to Businesses outside of Sheffield. Please leave this part out.

Thank you,


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