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All those climate gates are just a perception problem

Research is robust but communication is weak - Times Online
What has changed over the past few months...the public’s perception of what climate research is all about.
That means it is a communications problem

Carry on as usual but double the PR budget...


In the Times Online Vicky Pope says "What has changed over the past few months? Certainly not the science."

Really? What planet is she on?

All this "settled science" about glaciers, the Amazon rain forests etc which we were told was robust, peer reviewd etc has been shown to be based on sand and essentially worthless. It's reports like this which just make an increasing number of the general public realise that they have been lied to for years about Mann Made Global Warming. Carrying on with pushing the half truths and misinformation will eventuallu kill public respect for all science, not just climaye change. Reporters like Vicky Pope should be much more responsible in what they write.

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