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Peer Reviewed Paper Shown to be Bogus

Fall of Andrew Wakefield, ‘dishonest’ doctor who started MMR scare - Times Online

We are all for bogusmongers getting bashed here so hurrah! The damage has been done with the resurgence of measles, though the scare seems to be increasingly ignored. One beneficial result is that scaremongering has been damaged as well with people increasingly sceptical.

But what of The Lancet, but what of the other 11 co-authors who quickly disassociated themselves, what of peer review?


Ah, but Ben Bradshaw says that the Wakefield case highlights the value of consensus and Wakefield was a maverick just like the climate change deniers.....

Struck off? This man has caused deaths from trivially-preventable diseases. He should be jailed. Actually, scratch that: he should be tied to a stake in a field and repeatedly napalmed by a squadron of Harriers.

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