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Blue Green Fighting Like Ferrets in a Sack

David Cameron confirms that a "Low Carbon Economy" will be an "urgent" priority for a Tory government - thetorydiary

Read the comments, this is a split as damaging as Europe for the Tories if they aren't careful.
They need old duffers to go round knocking on doors and if those old duffers don't believe then they won't go out to campaign.


Indeed. The collapse of the Mann Made Global Warming scam is a major problem for CallMeDave as he's got himself so closely tied into the whole ungodly global mess that getting out without major political damage is looking increasingly unlikely as each day goes by and more lies are revealed.

For the last several weeks I've been making myself a nuisance to him (a.k.a his office) and my own MP by trying to suggest to them that they need to get off this bandwagon before it goes off the cliff and takes them with it. I've had a letter very much like the one you link to, obviously a thought-free standard response. However I believe there's actually a great opportunity if CallMeDave would only "grow a pair".

In my opinion the UK public’s view on the whole man-made global warming/climate change theory has always been more sceptical than is reflected in the policy of the Conservative Party (and other main parties of course). As the revelations about manipulation of data, sourcing errors and “hyping” of disaster scenarios are increasingly widely publicised I believe there will be a rapid shift away from even token public acceptance of the alarmist position. All political parties that continue to adhere unquestioningly to the discredited beliefs will suffer falls in support as these will be linked with unpopular decisions regarding taxation and lifestyle changes.

There is an opportunity for CallMeDave to capture the mood of the public by announcing a root and branch review of the scientific basis for climate change based on the new evidence being revealed. This review would take place immediately after the General Election and meanwhile the Tories should suspend their current policy until this is complete. This will remove unpopular policies from the manifesto and at the same time wrong foot the other main parties who will be unable to change position having endlessly attacked the Conservatives for not being “green” enough. It will portray the Conservatives as being logical, independent of lobbyists and setting policy based on science and not on irrational unfounded beliefs. The time to make a change is very short. Delaying any change risks letting another party take the initiative or for the public to abandon all the main parties as being merely interested in raising taxes on any pretext.

It's not rocket science!

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