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Climate Change Sceptics "Well Co-ordinated" Boo Hiss!

The Big Issue | Sceptics fiddle while the planet burns | From the Observer

...The facts are clear: the world is warming, emissions of greenhouse gases are largely to blame and the warming is set to get worse through the 21st century. To ignore that evidence would be foolhardy in the extreme.

Kathy Maskell
Walker Institute for Climate System Research
University of Reading

...Unlike questions such as the best policy for dealing with the recession, where two sides could in theory ague for all eternity, with climate change only one side can be correct. We just don't yet know which side is correct. As climate change deniers have failed to produce a peer-reviewed body of evidence pointing to a mechanism that would negate the impact of our emissions, caution would seem to be sensible.

David Coley
Senior research fellow
Centre for Energy and the Environment
School of Physics, Exeter

Despite the well co-ordinated political campaigns by "sceptics" against the IPCC, it remains the most authoritative source of information about the causes and consequences of climate change. Yet every error in its last report is now being portrayed as undermining the evidence that greenhouse gases are driving climate change. Perhaps it is time that the claims of the professional climate change "sceptics" are put to the same test.

Bob Ward
Policy and communications director, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE
London WC2


And of course the alarmists aren't well organised at all, are they?

Look at the three completely different organisations represented here by these talking heads. All funded by public money, all totally "on message". All will fight hard because their grants and ultimately salaries depend on being able to carry on conning us out of more of our taxes. In addition their professional reputations are also on line, something they will all value highly. If they're seen to have been pursuing the wrong theories for the whole of their careers they'll not be employable as researchers. So for them the stakes are very high so they wont just lie down and die.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. If they win their battle we will all be very much worse off. Financially we'll be taxed and taxed and taxed to fund money-wasting schemes that will have no effect on a problem that doesnt exist. Control of every aspect our lives will increase so that the state can ensure that we're good little sheep and follow all their rules.

The stakes are very high, we must keep on telling anyone who'll listen (and those that won't)about the "tricks" being played on them by these con artists and their supporters.

Deppendinng on AGW for your job means you are inpartial,right?

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