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The King has no Clothes

David King admits to speculation over source of climate science emails |guardian.co.uk

Spouting off from a position of ignorance I believe is the technical term - James Delingpole is less charitable


Actually, the most interesting thing about the article is that Sir David King, the government's former chief scientist (Oct 2000 to end 2007) has no clue about how the Internet works. Note this para: 'Similarly, the fact that the leaked files were originally posted on a Russian server, and links to them came from servers in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, does not prove the operation was "highly sophisticated".'

And this man, not least famous for the Government's measured response to foot-and-mouth, was the Chief Scientist of HMG?

I think the job title gives you a clue to what the problem might be - "Chief Scientist of HMG".

Not a title that inspires you with confidence when you remember how scientifically bonkers HMG has been over every major issue for the last decade. Previous alarmist overreaction for foot & mouth, SARS, bird flu plus ongoing alarmism with swine flu, complete cockups over preventing c-difficle and MRSA spreading across the country etc.

It's not a good track record.

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