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Peer Review Problems - Not Just in Climate Science

BBC News - Journal stem cell work 'blocked'

Stem cell experts say they believe a small group of scientists is effectively vetoing high quality science from publication in journals.
In some cases they say it might be done to deliberately stifle research that is in competition with their own.
"It's turning things into a clique where only papers that satisfy this select group of a few reviewers who think of themselves as very important people in the field is published."
The issue is important because billions of pounds of public money are spent on funding stem cell research internationally. The funding is directed largely towards groups and individuals who have had their research published in the top journals. So if the journals are getting it wrong then public money is going to waste.


The same thing couldn't possibly be happenng in climate science could it, surely???

Scientists are just as venial and self-serving as the rest of us?

Say it isn't so!

To be honest, I suspect this has been going on for as long as the publication of scientific research has been formalised.

Perhas a better question to ask would be why so much public money is being spent on research? Might not private money do just as well?

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