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Deer in the distance

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Random view from The Castle taken on the phone, pursuit of mammon prevents any earth-shattering revelations this morning.


Don't shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes...

When the wheels fall off the Grand Narrative it takes everything!

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Thu, February 04, 2010 -- 3:48 AM ET

Toyota Says Prius Brakes Had Design Flaws

Toyota admitted Thursday that the hybrid-electric Prius had
problems with its anti-lock braking system, the latest blow
to the beleaguered company and one that affects the symbol of
the automaker's engineering prowess. A spokesperson for the
company said Toyota had found design problems in models sold
before late January, but that it had corrected them in models
sold since then, the Associated Press reported.

The Prius was drawn into the mounting crisis for Toyota on
Wednesday as Japanese officials ordered the company to
investigate problems with the brakes on the 2010 model.
American safety officials also said they had received dozens
of similar complaints.

With Toyota basing many of its recent hopes on the Prius, new
questions surrounding the car raise doubts about a model that
was not part of the recent global recalls of more than nine
million vehicles.

Looking good out there.

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