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Exercise a waste of time

'Jogging, swimming, pumping iron's a waste of time' - The Times of India

They claim it is only a waste of time for 20% of people, the sample in my research shows it is 100%


Please add me to your sample, just to bring it below 100%. I love exercise. I suffer from mild depression and exercise is certainly not a waste of time for me. In fact it makes me possible to function as a human being. When I'm running I love the feeling of freely ranging over the open countryside with no paraphernalia or equipment apart from my shoes, shorts and t-shirt. When I'm swimming I love that feeling too. I even get something ut of the rowing machine at the gym. Don't you enjoy any form of exercise? Surely walking around the fine countryside you live in is not a waste of time?

I take the time to write because I agree with almost everything else you say, and it surprises me to find this incongruence.

Well, I think this claim is 100% bogus. Every human being on earth benefits from one form of exercise or another. Granted, certain genetic traits make it difficult for many to live long, healthy lives without medication and visits to the doctor on regular basis, but exercise is the difference between quality of life or quantity of life.

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