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Bad News for Dave

Climate Change Opinion Poll Results

OK, if we have a baking summer the figures will change a bit, but that isn't going to happen before the election.


The problem being, of course, is that he isnt listening.

CallMeDave has said before that there is only one way in his Tory Party - his way. No-one is allowed to question the religion of the Green God. They will all carry on spouting the same old unbelievable, discredited nonsense as the public moves further and further away from the (i.e. his) Tory Party position. The poll lead will carry on slipping as voters realise that global warming=global taxes and that they really dont want any more money stolen from their pay packets. Meanwhile CallMeDave will be scratching his head wondering why this is happening.

He's a politician; he knows he knows best; he won't listen; so he'll fail at the polls....and probably still wont know why.

Good comment, unfortunately true. Oh well, there goes a few thousand more votes. Like the PoW he has a dream, Prime minister of a province mayhap???

Another poll out tonight for tomorrow's papers confirms the Conservative poll lead as under ten percent.

Slip, slip, sliding away....

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