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Charles the Cnut

Charles at the launch of a new Steam Train

So who advises Charles? Travelling to give a speech about climate change on a coal fired train is just daft but to make a point in the speech about sea levels proving anything is stupid. It is one of the easiest "climate change" charges that any sceptic can challenge.
Or is he just harking back to a halcyon past when 'umble train drivers and stokers doffed their blackened caps to their betters as they progressed to an unchanged coast to take the waters?
Unfortunately kings can't stop the tide and look silly if they try to.


Another piece of daftness. Charles has some good ideas and says things that need saying. But, my, my, he does get it hugely wrong sometimes. This being one of those times. Even if he was right about Mann Made Global Warming, going to an eco-meeting in a coal fired train is a bit bonkers to say the least.

It shows how thick he is when the Prince kills the Princess and marries the Dragon.

He could of course visit Harlech castle, which has a "sea gate", (yep, another gate) where supplies used to be unloaded directly from the sea. The sea is now some distance away.

I was under the impression that King Cnut did the stunt with the tide to show his hopped up courtiers that even a king is just a mortal, not because he was a vain fool.

Charles would not be fit to polish King Cnut's boots methinks :>

Where would all you righteous people be if Charles and his like didn't exist?
He is far better Value for money than almost any politician , media person or efnic outreacher.
There will be a sad stalinist silence when he is gone.

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