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Ruddy Duck Shooting

A controversial UK cull of ruddy ducks, a US native that has been compared to a "feathered lager lout" for its displays of thuggish and amorous behaviour' - its mating call sounds more like a belch, it boasts a penis half the length of its body and, after mating, it ignores its partner - has cost the British taxpayer more than £740 for each dead bird.
Figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) show that shoots of the chestnut-coloured bird have cost taxpayers £4.6m, yet only 6,200 have been killed.

And to think that in the real world people pay £25 a bird to shoot duck, and provide all their own equipment. For some reason I feel a kindred spirit to the poor ruddy duck, but if we are going to persecute them then I don't see why we should so handsomely subsidise someone else's sport.


"For some reason I feel a kindred spirit to the poor ruddy duck"

In your dreams, or more likely in Mrs Englishman's dreams.

On the other hand we should be asking where are these shoots where they pay us to go and have fun?

I've never heard of them outside articles like this.

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