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Oil Greases Pahcauri's Release On Voluptuous Breasts

Return to Almora By RK Pachauri
Throughout the novel, an intrusive and not particularly charming narrator alternates lectures on the destruction of the environment, and the value of the spiritual, with apparently trivial details.
However, Return to Almora is an entertaining read. It mixes two strands: one is the vivid memory of Sanjay's past life as a merchant in Almora some years before his present birth. The novel follows his life from the age of three until his sixties; his search to understand how his soul has migrated leads him to meditation and to seek out various guru figures with whom further turgid discussion ensues. But the subplot of Sanjay's sexual life, at first solitary, then involving other people, provides rich and frequent diversion.
Pachauri is engagingly candid about his protagonist's urges; Sanjay is always noticing breasts and masturbating (once into a red silk hanky purloined from a train co-passenger ). While an engineering student, he has his first experience with a woman. She has been procured by his more frivolous friends: "So this is how the non-engineering students enjoy themselves, he thought enviously."

Rajendra Pachauri raises more eyebrows with raunchy environmental novel - Times Online
..the book mingles lectures on climate change with descriptions of Sanjay’s sexual encounters, including frequent references to “voluptuous breasts”.
More controversially, it was released in Mumbai by Mukesh Ambani — India’s richest man and the head of the oil and gas conglomerate Reliance Industries, the largest private Indian company.
Reliance has close links to Dr Pachauri’s The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)...
For the Delhi launch of the book dinner and drinks were paid for by BP India, a big TERI sponsor....
It is unclear whether Dr Pachauri will profit from the novel. Many environmentalists regard it as unwise for a co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to accept such personal favours from energy industry giants.
Dr Pachauri has defended his relationship with such companies, saying that there is no conflict of interest. Environmental activists disagree, saying that he needs to draw clearer lines between his personal interests, TERI, its sponsors and the IPCC.

Bob Ward, the policy director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at the London School of Economics, said: "A lot of the climate sceptic arguments are being made by people (who) are clearly being given money that allows them to disseminate their views more widely than would be the case if they didn't have oil company funding."


In another time, in another place, in another universe a different Bob Ward might have said "A lot of the warmist arguments are being made by people (who) are clearly being given a lot of money that allows them to disseminate their views more widely than would be the case if they didn't have Government funding."

Government money buys the opinions the Government wants. Government funding far outweighs any warmist funding* by fossil fuel companies let alone sceptic funding. Taxpayers have money taken from them to fund scientists who spout opinions that are used to justify fleecing taxpayers for more money.

* Oil and gas money is funding both sides of the argument but is currently flooding warmists. In part to try and secure the money making opportunities emissions trading and carbon capture and storage will bring.

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