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Winter Olympic Mascot

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Polish newspaper claims 'Pedobear' is 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascot

Mr Barrick wrote that online amusement about the newspaper's error had sparked a surge of interest in his artwork, and hinted that the financial burden of the Games on Canadian taxpayers was the motivation for his mischievous creation.
"Maybe I'll just keep the money to help cover the price gouging, raised taxes, disappearing arts funding, and all the other "benefits" we Vancouverites are getting from the games that are kicking me in the back pocket."

Error? Only that "Shooting-up Junkie Bear" and "Cash in Brown Envelopes Bear " are missing from the line up.


Mr Barrick is actually just grumpy that the government "arts and culture" teet he and others of his ilk suckle on has been temporarily reassigned to the mouth of another baby: the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

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