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Broken Britain

We're living in broken Britain, say most voters - Times Online

Nearly three fifths of voters say that they hardly recognise the country they are living in, while 42 per cent say they would emigrate if they could.
Overall, 64 per cent think that Britain is going in the wrong direction and just 31 per cent believe it is on the right track.

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But underneath there is still a hint of optimism that life will probably get better, despite the politicians.


Despite what parliament does, life generally keeps on getting better. Compare today with the 1920s. You get 30 more years of life, work 1 day less per week, eat far more meat and sugar than they could afford, travel further than almost anyone but the aristocracy, be entertained with movies and thousands of pieces of music at the touch of a button, play a machine at chess, drink a dozen varieties of coffee, easily buy food that was the preserve of customers of Fortnums, have the ability to phone your wife from almost anywhere and have less than 1/10th of the chance of your children dying in childbirth.

That is true of any developed country in the world, Tim (and a few developing ones). Britain has become a mean, ugly police state under NuLabour. We emigrated in 2002 and have no intention of ever returning to live. A holiday every couple of years to see family and drink proper beer is as much as we can stomach. Australia under Kevin Rudd is far from ideal but somehow it is not so important when it is not the land of your birth and you're earning a combined income 5 times what you were in the UK.

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