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I rekke never, whan that ben beryed, Though that her soules gon a blakeberyed.

Does this surprise anyone? New research shows that your choice of smartphone reflects your political persuasion: Left-wingers, it seems, favour the iPhone - while those on the Right prefer BlackBerrys.

Apart from one long-haired male model I can't think of any iPhone wielding person I trust to be right on the important things of life.

(Headline - Chaucer in the Pardoner's Tale)


Damn - perhaps I am a dastardly pinko without knowing it!

Oh dear. I have two (one for China and one for the ROW). Maybe it's because libertarians reject the left/right analysis? Or maybe you shouldn't trust me.

Well that's me buggered! Better see about getting a Blackberry or else voting Labour.

What truely suprises me, is that someone wasted their time, effort and budget on yet another pointless research survey.

I'm definitely an Apple fan and if anything, more libertarian than Chris Mounsey.

Makes sense. The BlackBerry was designed as a tool rather than a plaything.

That said, the Apple marketers would seem to have a better sense of human nature here; folks generally prefer to play with toys than work with tools, particularly in affluent Western societies.*

* In the rest of the world, there's not much option. It's either use tools - or die of starvation.

I have neither. Does that make me an anarchist?

Hmmm... strange. I carry an iPhone but work for the BlackBerry people (I do their text layout software, font rendering, etc.). There are few more libertarian than me, but I don't like the left-right distinction. I prefer thinking of my enemies as statists.

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