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Olympics, Lying Politicians, Crash, - Look for a bail out.

If the EU bailed out Greece, would Britain have to pay its share? – Daniel Hannan

It need hardly be said that it would be wrong – economically and morally – for taxpayers in other countries to step in. It was a mistake to rescue the banks from the consequences of their own errors, and that logic applies in spades to whole countries. Still, the EU has every right to make its own mistakes. What it has no right to do is to expect the United Kingdom to pay a proportion of the bill. We kept the pound. It’s not our problem.

It may not be our problem but we will end up paying for it.


Listen, somewhere in the fine print of an international plan to rescue Greece from itself, I'm sure even Canada will get hit up for some cash...

Uh, he's wrong.

The Lisbon treaty makes us responsible for these costs, along with the other member-states.

Of course, nobody's going to ask Bulgaria or Estonia to cough up - what would be the point?

But some of the bill will certainly be presented to the UK in due course.

I wonder if those MP's who nodded Lisbon through now wish they'd actually read it? Probably not; why would the care, it's only taxpayers' money.

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