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Drink Policy Based on "No Evidence"

New doubt on drink prices crackdown – by expert used to justify policy - Scotsman.com News

ONE of the scientists whose research has underpinned the Scottish Government's push to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol admitted yesterday there is no evidence to show the controversial policy would work.
Sheffield University senior lecturer Dr Petra Meier told Holyrood's health committee the effects of the SNP's minimum pricing policy were "like the weather forecast" because her work was just "a model" of what might happen.

No, really? Just a guess based on your prejudices? More like a "climate" forecast than a "weather "forecast I think.


Earlier in the week BBC1's The One Show did a short film on the effect on the NHS of the large number of drunks they have to deal with. One suggestion has been a charge of around £500 for anyone taken into hospital. They spoke to a couple of drunks youths in the hospital, they had no concerns about the amount of NHS resources they were taking about and said that such a charge would not stop them. So I can't see a small extra charge on the drink having any effect.

No great surprise there. Most people could have told the authorities this wouldn't work. Unless drunks see some real personal impact on them/their life nothing will change. All the laws required to deal with drunks already exist, no new powers are needed. It's just that our fearless defenders of the public refuse to use them.

How about this - We get a nice police "head-cam" video of someone staggering and vomiting their way down the street one night. We take them off the street immediately using the current D&D laws and lock them up overnight. Use very basic, portable, temporary cells that can be hosed down later (these already exist). Then they're brought up in front of a magistrate bright and early the following morning, shown the film and fined a week's pay/benefits or face a week in jail. Next week we do it again, and again etc. No excuses, no warnings etc, just a straight-forward punishment.

I'm willing to bet that it wouldnt take very many weeks before the penny dropped and even the thickest drinker realised that fines and/or jail was not as good thing. It's not that hard - just do it.

Garnishing benefits would be administratively simple (which with this mob probably renders it a non-starter). In fact, hitting yob culture in the pocket is almost certainly the most effective way to handle things. The fines would have to cause genuine hardship, mind - the sort of feral scum at which such action would be targeted is pretty obdurate.

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