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Green is a Feminist Issue

French feminist warns green movement forcing women to stay at home - Telegraph

Mrs Badinter claims a "holy reactionary alliance" of green politicians, breast-feeding militants, "back to nature" feminists and child psychologists is turning Frenchwomen into slaves to green "fads" like re-usable nappies and organic food.
Their perfect French mother, she writes, "breastfeeds for six months and doesn't put her baby in a crèche or not too early, because baby needs to be with mum and not in a nest of germs; she is wary of all things artificial and is ecologically-minded. The jar of baby food has become a sign of selfishness; we're back to the purée mashed by mum."
Women in childbirth are even made to feel that epidurals are wrong, she goes on, adding: "We don't need to bow down to nature."
Her attack on muesli-eating ecologists sparked a furious response from Cécile Duflot, head of France's Green party.
Edwige Antier, a paediatrician and MP for President Nicolas Sarkozy's centre-Right UMP party also slammed Mrs Badinter, calling her an "archeo-feminist" who is "in denial of motherhood".

You mean forcing us back to the Stone Age isn't fun, fun, fun for the wife at home. I was looking forward to the excuse to spend all day going out mammoth hunting.


"mammoth hunting"? - for goodness sake don't say that - you'll have the animal rights loonies after you!! They're at least as bad as the greens!!

Mammoth hunting these days tends to involve a lot of digging and permafrost. Perhaps the mob would like to try 'hunt monitoring' in Siberia for a while?

Ha ha!

I love it when the internal contradictions of dopey "progressive" ideas start to create confusion.

Gays and Lesbians for Shariah Law, anyone?

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