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Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela Englishman

Twenty years ago this early morning a Mrs Englishman and myself were just celebrating the arrival of a baby boy.
All night long we had watched the primitive all night television service we had in those days; it consisted of the BBC news on a rotating half hour basis. So every thirty minutes for twelve hours we learnt that Nelson Mandela had just been released, and that the BBC was jolly pleased about this.
In the middle of this the midwife asked if we had thought of a name for the imminent arrival. On the spur of the moment I suggested that "Nelson Mandela" had a certain ring and aptness. Bless her cotton socks the Mrs E picked up on this and played along. The midwife couldn't work out if we were joking or not so then spent the rest of the time desperately hinting that surely we had names previously thought out and maybe they would be more suitable, but of course it was our choice and and and...
When the poor little mite arrived she welcomed him repeatedly by the previously chosen names we had mentioned. She probably is still congratulating herself that her subtle action saved him from years of ridicule.
He doesn't realise how lucky he is to have the initials FW instead...


Fine on the first name, but not sure that Winny was a good choice!

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