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Only The Queen Can Save Climate Change Argument Now

Matthew Taylor's view is that the climate change argument is being lost. There are many reasons: The tendency to overstate the certainty of the science; the way that some seem to want to use the issue to smuggle in a socialist utopia through the green back door; the use of over blown rhetoric about saving the world and providing global leadership; the confusing shift from apocalyptical talk of oil running out and the countries being consumed by the sea to rosy accounts of how easy it will be for us all to live carbon free lives. Not to mention the constantly changing advice about whether we should or should not buy shipped produce or get wind turbines fitted or new boilers installed.
The net effect is that more and more people (who for perfectly understandable reasons would rather not have to make sacrifices) are starting to view the climate change argument as a conspiracy by the establishment to screw the common man.
I would get all the major Party leaders to sign up to (my) statement (follow link) at a public event hosted by the Queen and broadcast on every channel. Only something as simple and clear as this can get public opinion back on track. Otherwise I fear we will have to give up the battle for public support...


Perhaps he is trying to provoke a revolution...

If all the main parties and Her Majesty are spouting crap we are wise to tell them so.

They talk of a consensus but it is the one the politicians, lobby groups and the IPCC already have. Very narrow, based on bollocks and has informed the policy decisions they have already made. They do not want our views just our money.

Does this bloke know that there is a lot of 'public opinion' outside the UK?

He seems to think Her Majesty is some sort of "trump card" to be played whenever he feels like it in order to win a hand where he's bluffing 'cos he has no good cards. Did it ever ocurr to him she might actually not beleive this rubbish either?

"back on track"

Back on whose track, I wonder? I think we know.

And notice the veiled threat "We may have to give up the battle for public support".

Not, you observe, "we might need to admit we were wrong", or even "we might have to bow to the democratic will", but rather public "support" may be given up. The implication, of course, is that the juggernaut will continue regardless, but without public support.

We really do need to do as we are told by these clearly superior beings...

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