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Getting Us to Buy a Forest

Bute Islanders vote to buy film director Lord Attenborough's forest - Times Online

Correction - Bute Islanders vote to get Taxpayers to buy them a forest. They are not going to dip very deep into their own sporrans for the luxury, when the government will reach into our pockets for them.


There's a forest left?

Yes, you're right.

Just like Eigg, and Gigha.

Taxpayers' money put up for vanity projects.

Possibly the results will be good (on Gigha, so far, they are), possibly the landlords were not nice people (on Gigha, certainly they were not, on Eigg they were perhaps merely chaotic).

But to say the islanders bought these properties is simply not true.

And of course, in none of these cases was the property actually for sale; they are forced confiscations financed by the taxpayer.

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