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Targets Surpassed, Problem Worse

Adult obesity expected to rise sharply by 2010, study says - Times Online

Eight out of ten men and almost seven in ten women will be overweight...The report comes as the Government launches a new campaign to urge adults to lose weight and get healthy.


It includes suggested “swaps” such as swapping watching a favourite sport on television for taking part, increasing fibre intake by choosing brown rice over white, or swapping bigger plates for smaller ones to choose smaller portions of food.
Television and poster adverts will be shown from this Saturday.
Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, said that the Change4Life campaign had surpassed all its targets for the first year.

I know the Times headline should read 2020 but the fact it doesn't just underlines the whole irritating irrelevancy of this tosh.


Thanks for letting us know. I won't get to see the advertisements on TV. I'll be using the break to fix a snack!

PS, I have good reason to believe that brown rice is indirectly one of the biggest causes of excess methane in the atmosphere.
And: Smaller plates mean piling it higher, which makes no sense at all. Although, I have seen some very imaginative use of crackers and semi rigid vegetables (structural support purposes only,) in the 'eat all you can get in your bowl' type restaurants to get a couple of extra tiers in.

swapping watching a favourite sport on television for taking part

Well, if Mr Brown can arrange for the entire female cast of Red Hot MILFS #23 to be delivered to kwaRemittance I'll see what I can do.

Well, here's an idea: what if the Health Sec said that, in 2011, the HM Government will give £1000 tax-free to every British adult who can prove (through a GP's certificate) that they have lost a specified amount of weight.

I gaurantee you that would get the public moving.

But, heh heh, it's a pipe dream. The idea of a British government actually giving money back to taxpayers...

Ha ha! That's funny!

By the way, love the erection that's been slipped into that happy-clappy "change4life" graphic.

Total waste of time and money, and it only stresses people out and pits them against each other and themselves. Note that the nannying quackards never tell you how well their weight loss diets/strategy works either... now why could that be? Hmmm...

"From a review of empirical tests of weight-loss plans by Wayne Miller, an exercise science specialist at George Washington University:

No commercial program, clinical program, or research model has been able to demonstrate significant long-term weight loss for more than a small fraction of the participants. Given the potential dangers of weight cycling and repeated failure, it is unscientific and unethical to support the continued use of dieting as an intervention for obesity."


How about introducing cap and trade to encourage weight loss. So what happens is a gummint expert decides from summint like your BMI what amount of food you should be capped at - right, gottit? So if you eat less you can trade what you don't eat for money (at a loss of course because there's tax to pay as well as brokerage fees). If however you can't manage to eat less than your cap you'll have to buy further allowances (again paying tax and brokerage fees on the prevailing market rate). So does that seem about right?

How many of these 80% male and 70%ish female population are on government subsidies ?
Perhaps the ruling class may allow them the privilege to work for food like the rest of us peons ?

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