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Climate Change for Lent

Should we turn off our iPods for Lent? - Telegraph

The bishops of Liverpool and London have called on us to give up our iPods for Lent, which starts today, Ash Wednesday.
Today's bishops are always encouraging us to ask "Why?" So let's oblige them. Part of the answer, when it comes to this annual fast-fest, seems to be that the climate-change lobby has hi-jacked Lent and that the Church has wholeheartedly gone along for the ride. It turns out that that the iPod ban is only a one-day contribution – Day 20 – to the Christian relief agency Tearfund's annual Carbon Fast. This also enjoins us to "choose an energy supplier that sources all its energy from renewable sources" (Day 3), ask "what your MP is doing to tackle climate change" (Day 17) and to refrain from flushing the loo (Day 43), which might fill the house with the air of the medieval mystic, but is actually aimed at saving water....

Is it a sin to giggle at them?


Day 29: Crash Gordon and Clarice Darling shut their cake holes for a day.

This is a measure designed to limit the release of hot air into the atmosphere, thus making a major contribution to saving the ozone layer.

Listening to classis rock on my iPod as I type this (the FM radio function is one of my favourite things about it.) If some bloke in a dress and his non-existent sky fairy think I'm going to indulge his wishy-washy eco-hectoring then they'll be sadly disappointed. Even if I were an Xtian I'd regard this sort of pabulum with the contempt it deserves.

It's perfectly acceptable for church leaders to suggest ways to observe Lent by foregoing certain things (it's their job!). But (as a good Catholic), I do prefer to be hectored on religious grounds rather than secular political ones, thanks very much.

The CofE is a constant source of bemusement for this old Papist. It seems intent on committing suicide by ignoring its traditions and chasing every fad in sight.

Go figure.

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