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Our Right To See How Our Money Is Spent

Councils afraid to say how much they pay chiefs - Telegraph

The Government had ordered local authorities to disclose the earnings of all executives after concerns were raised about the size of pay increases granted to council officers.
But local authorities claimed that the pay disclosures would leave their staff vulnerable to reprisals from taxpayers. They argued that officers would be subjected to “personalised attacks and mischief making”.

But if they are so confident that they earn the money and are good value why are they worried? They are confident, aren't they?


They have something to fear ? They might just possibly have something to hide ?

No, they are our leaders, this cannot be.

Alan Douglas

Damn right. Roll on the day when Quangocrats and Tax Officials race down the street, flatulent with terror, just ahead of a mob with pitchforks and flaming torches.
Seriously, though, there seems to be a view that professional politicians are in some way leaders. No-one subject to regular re-election can be a leader as he must please the crowd. Leadership involves making unpopular decisions (and then paying the price for wrong ones).

Perhaps Mark Lynas of the New Statesman could come to their defence the way he did for Chief Scientician Phil Jones and the Gang Who Couldn't Save Data Right at CRU East Anglia:

"[The] scientists at the centre of the so-called Climategate scandal have for years been the targets of an orchestrated smear campaign. That is why they resisted Freedom of Information requests and bent the rules by refusing to share data: because they knew that any data shared would be picked apart and used to undermine public confidence in their work, as has indeed now happened."

In like manner, revealing the salaries of council officers could "undermine public confidence in their work."

I'm a retired Canadian Forces officer; the pay rates for all ranks are (quite rightly!) a matter of public record. This is just as true for the British Forces.

So the British public can find out how much that Brigadier running the campaign in Helmand makes (just under £100,000 p.a.) but not the salary of their local dustbin coordinator.


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