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Blue blistering barnacles!

TV station fined for for broadcasting a Tintin cartoon in which Captain Haddock and villains were smoking.

The Higher Board of Radio and Television (RTUK) said in its ruling that TV8 had broken the law designed to protect people from the harmful effects of smoking and it fined the station 50,000 Turkish lira (£21,000).

A cartoon character smoking! No wonder the kids are dying in their thousands on the streets.


Easy. Don't publish the names and addresses.

People who hide something have something to hide.

Mille millions de mille milliards de tonnerre de Brest! Anthropopitèques! Extraits de cornichon! Marchands de guano! Simili-martiens à la graisse de cabestan! Flibustiers de carnaval! Vivisectionnistes! Bachi-bouzouks des Carpates!

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