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Brown and Darling - We're Loving It

Brown hits out at right-wing 'hate'
Gordon Brown will hit out at right-wing parties around the world, warning that their "hatred" of government action could jeopardise the global economic recovery.
He will also attack the "narrow nationalism" of the British Conservatives, saying they would leave the UK facing "isolation and irrelevance" in Europe, according to advance extracts released by Labour Party aides.
Friday's speech comes amid a bitter battle between Labour and the Tories over plans to tackle Britain's £178 billion deficit, with ministers warning that attempts to cut spending too quickly could undermine the fragile recovery.

More than 60 leading economists have backed Chancellor Alistair Darling over his decision to delay spending cuts until next year.
In two letters to the Financial Times, they said it could be "positively dangerous" to begin cuts - as the Tories are planning - and would risk tipping the economy back into recession.
One letter organised by Lord Skidelsky, a cross-bench peer and biographer of the economist John Maynard Keynes, accused the authors of the Sunday Times letter of trying to "frighten" the public over the scale of the deficit.

If you are not frightened of the scale of the deficit you really don't understand the situation.

Britain at risk of worse deficit crisis than Greece - Telegraph


"Nationalism of British conservatives", this is a joke....yes? but Brownscum doesn't do jokes, himself being the biggest joke around. What the ****!

It doesn't really matter whether Darling or Osbourne are planning on big cuts this year.

Once the election's over (or if there isn't one), and especially if it's hung parliament or Broon gets back in, the markets will pull the plug and the IMF will be implementing the cuts.

Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe.

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