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As bad as 1929?

Bleak winter partly caused by El Nino could be worst for 81 years - Times Online

The long, hard winter looks like dragging on into March. And if the bitter winds carry on for the next two weeks, there is a very good chance that this winter will turn out to be the coldest across the UK since 1929. There’s a risk of a similar snowfall returning on Monday, stretching from the M4 corridor across Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia and parts of the North.

Paul Simons must be slipping, not once does he mention climate change, or that this is just weather, or how good the Met Office was in forecasting and that this doesn't tell us anything about Global Warming. He will lose his membership of the Secret Squirrel Club if he isn't careful


The article reads 1979, not 1929! How could this be worst than 1963 and 1947?


Wasn't the 1998 El Nino the strongest for yonks?

So why wasn't that winter the worst?

The Times article is odd... I don't recall the winter of 1979 being THAT bad... there are lots of mentions of the 1970s in the media which make me question why they keep popping up... '47 and '63 were surely worse than '79? Yet the Times article cites '79 and then '29!

The media seems to have a bizarre "must mention the '70s" fixation...

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