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Currant Affairs - The Truth Emerges.

All my life I believed that Currants - the dried ones - were one of the trinity of dried grapes we used in cooking. The big daddy being the ubiquitous Raisin, with the sweeter more approachable Sultana on his right hand side and Currants occupying the unexplainable ethereal role which no one can really explain.

I felt pretty damned stupid when deep in my cups I was expanding on this theory when a know-it all said; "Currants, grapes? Duh, there is a clue in their name what they actually are. Like currants man, Ribes, black, red, white, currants..."

It is not often I am wrong so I slunk off silently.

I has taken me six months to face up to my ignorance and look them up, and hah! Dried Currants aren't currants at all, they are dried Black Corinth Grapes aka Zante Currants. Currant bushes are named after the Currant, or Corinth , grape.

Now all I have to do is remember who put me down as a know nothing and shove a currant bun into his face.


Found it on the 'net, right? One of the benefits, Trying to find it in a traditional library is a lot harder - and I say that as one who loves libraries.

You didn't know that "currant" came from "Corinth"? You can't have paid much attention at school.

I found out the origin of the word 'currant' in France, where they are sold as 'raisins de Corinth'. Perhaps you've spent too long lurking in your castle...

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