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Beware Big Brother in Your Car

I have been pleased with the downloaded Mobile GPS Tracking Service on my Blackberry for my morning stroll around the estate, the instant and average speedometer brings out the competitive streak in me.
So as I had a long journey yesterday for someone else I thought I would try it out tracking business miles in the car.
Fantastic, works a treat except...

Cars, and mine in particular, often over estimate speeds by about ten percent. You see this with Sat Navs vs the dial. It hadn't struck me before that this means that they overestimate mileage driven by a similar amount. So the 102 miles the car told me to charge at 40 pence a mile is actually only 94 miles according to GPS. As an employee I know which reading I will put on the sheet but as an employer I think I know what I would be fitting in the reps cars...


If that is the case it means I could have waited a month before servicing my car.

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