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V for Vulcan

Tension in Falklands rises as rig arrives and Argentina seeks help - Times Online

Argentina sought to rally Latin American allies as it prepared to take its protest to next week’s Rio Group summit in Mexico, which will bring together 20 countries from the region.
Jorge Taiana, the Foreign Minister, will meet Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, on Wednesday to denounce what his Government says is a “unilateral act of aggression” by Britain.

In other news these people need your help to keep this flying:

Vulcan 50th Birthday Appeal


...and of course the UN will unequivocally say that the Falkands are British and Argentina better get used to it, won't they?

I think we need to get the Navy off its backside and publically send a couple of submarines down there asap, plus some very visible surface ships. The RAF's fast jets arent fully utilised in Afghanistan so a couple of squadrons can go there on "training" as well. It'll be hardest for the Army to supply ground forces but troops with surface to air support must be sent as well to make our defence credible. Argentina is remote from the Falklands, getting there with significant forces when your ships can be sunk and your planes are at the limit of their range would not be easy anyway. Most of our troops have seen action in the last few years, so knowing there is a battle hardened defensive force waiting for you would sober up the opposing generals.

Remember the old military adage about the attacker having to have 3:1 advantage? The sort of forces I suggested would make any invasion far too costly for Argentina to contemplate.

If we do it now we "wont have to fire a shot" (to quote a lying NuLieBore scumbag minister); if we wait, it will cost us in blood and gold - again.

A ballistic cruise missile aimed at Buenos Aires should be sufficient.

"A ballistic cruise missile aimed at Buenos Aires should be sufficient."

But I'm fond of Buenos Aires. Home of Carlos Gardel and the tango.

Tell you what, fire it but have it hit Hugo Chavez in Venezuela instead.

Two birds with one stone: the Argentinians get a warning shot and the Venezuelans benefit from some effective pest removal.

Nitpick: cruise missiles are by definition not ballistic objects. But a couple of Trafalgar-class subs could put the entire Argentinian navy on the bottom in an afternoon.

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