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Little Georgie Osborne Offers to Sell Me What's Mine

Tories offer bank shares for all as poll lead dives - Times Online

While the details of the Tory plan are still being drawn up, it is expected that people would be offered shares worth between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds at a discount on the market price.

I've already paid for them once. You steal my watch and offer to sell it back to me? Careful you don't get mistaken for a spiv, Georgie.


Isn't this the same lame argument that Labour used against the privatisations of the 1980s?

It is rubbish. Institutions in the public sector inevitably require large amounts of government spending, since they become massively inefficient. It is therefore in all our interests to return the banks to the private sector.

The only sensible means of accomplishing this is through a sale. The Russians tried giving out shares for free and the result was pretty disastrous. Besides, the government will need the money.

Buying votes now?

What's next on the Tory agenda?

A return to "rotten boroughs"?

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