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Welsh Jobs for Which Workers?

Protesters blockade new Pembroke power station over jobs for Britons - Times Online

Janette Leonard, 54, one of the protest organisers, said: “I’m just a grandmother who is concerned for British workers and the people of Wales.
“I’m not involved with the unions or political parties. We want to make the point that this is not racist or xenophobic, we just want equal opportunities for local workers. British people should be given the jobs first.”

Equal but first, I'm not sure if it was the BNP or Mr Brown who stirred this one first. Nor do I care. As the energy company points out they can't discriminate against EU workers. Which as Wales suckles hard on the EU teat is probably only fair. But if your argument is against the free movement of labour and capital (something I'm not against) at least point out who is to blame.


While everyone screams the mantra of 'local jobs for local people' as well as its cousin, 'local contracts for local companies' every person in power knows the EU banned this course of action a long time ago!

Personally, I don't say anything wrong with the EU's stance in this case. Its only fair that anyone can work anywhere - Getting on your bike is what people do when things get tight!

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