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Holm Truths

War declared on invasive plants that cost Britain £2.7bn a year
They sneak in along coastal creeks or are carried by the wind. Some escape from garden centres, others are borne by waterbirds. The invading horde of alien plant species has been identified as the second-greatest threat to Britain’s wildlife after climate change.

Every habitat is feeling the impact of invaders, and they are spreading because of climate change. Simon Ford, the National Trust’s nature conservation adviser said: “Until a few years ago holm oak was only recorded on the South Coast, now it has reached the Cotswolds.

The dastardly Holm Oak seems to have reached Fife in 1728..
St Mary's quad | University of St Andrews
The quad is dominated by the holm oak - Quick Time Fly Around, if you don't believe me...


Funny, I remember seeing Holm Oaks in mid Wales as a teenager in the 70's. I don't think mid Wales is on the south coast is it? The National Trust don't have a great record on understanding trees and woodland management anyway. They made a god awful mess of the woodlands on the Kingston Lacey estate when they aquired it.

I read the article and it was odd that Holm Oaks were on the list but not discussed as to why they are a problem. In the Isle of Wight we have some imposing mature Holm Oaks. These are very much appreciated at this time of year as they are evergreens.

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