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Yeo Knows

Coal emissions: the burning issue | Tim Yeo | guardian.co.uk

If the waste carbon dioxide produced when burning this coal is not captured and stored, it will raise average global temperatures more than 2 degrees, taking temperatures above the generally recognised threshold at which climate change becomes dangerous and possibly irreversible. But whereas most of the technology needed to decarbonise the world economy in terms of transport and the built environment already exists, the one technology breakthrough we must have relates to carbon capture and storage (CCS) from fossil fuel power stations.

An awful lot of certainty in that statement from our favourite Green Tory...


Firstly Private Eye carries a nice potted exposure of Yeo's financial tenticles in the carbon scamming market. He thinks that the EU Emissions Trading scheme is working quite well, when the Environmental Audit Committee of which he is Chair, is not working because the price of carbon is to cheap and must be raised from 15 euros/ton to 'perhaps' 200 euro's per ton as this would encourage low carbon investments. Never mind the hordes of people who could not afford to heat and light their homes with the consequent price of electricity pushed beyond their reach. Of course it wouldn't affect Yeo as he is a chairman of AFC energy, as well as being a director a number of other green companies. As providers of 'clean' energy they would benefit greatly from a high price for carbon.

Added to that the pratt Cameron has already called for a gentle increase in the price for electricity. Wonder which finger he's got stuck in the pie?

I agree with Delingpole. Shove the hotest of red hot irons up their jackseys!

" Shove the hottest of red hot irons up their jackseys!"

...after flaying and boiling in oil first.

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