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Va va vroom

Subsidising expensive sports cars is not the most obvious way to fight global warming. But soon, anyone with £87,000 will be able to claim a UK taxpayer-funded £5,000 grant to help them buy Tesla's supercharged electric car, the Roadster, in the name of cutting carbon emissions.
The Guardian has learned the Tesla Roadster is one of just two cars that will be available from the start of a new government grants scheme announced today to encourage the take-up of greener cars. Existing electric cars, such as the G-Wiz – the most popular consumer electric car on UK streets – and the MEGA e-City will not be eligible because they do not go fast enough.

No congestion charge, free parking spaces, and annoying Guardian readers; it is alomost enough to tempt me.


Well, electricity just comes out of the power point in the wall, so, no worries :>

And a song to celebrate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ts2U1mkfz4

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