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Nationalise The Land To Save Us From Climate Change

Climate change report sets out an apocalyptic vision of Britain - Times Online

Mass migration northwards to new towns in Scotland, Wales and northeast England may be needed to cope with climate change and water shortages in the South East, according to an apocalyptic vision set out by the Government Office for Science.
The Government would ease pressure on the South East by planning to “disperse citizens to three new towns in Dumfries and Galloway, Northumberland and Powys”
Heathrow would be converted into a giant reservoir by 2035, there could be severe restrictions on flying and driving and farmers would be forced to sell their land to giant agricultural businesses. Greenhouse gas emissions would be controlled by carbon rationing for individuals, which would lead to “significant shifts in lifestyle as everyone tries to stay within budget”.
The report, compiled by 300 scientists, economists and planners, includes three scenarios to “stimulate thought” and “highlight difficult policy dilemmas that government and other actors may need to consider in the future”.
All the scenarios involve dramatic changes in lifestyles and landscapes in response to climate change. In the most extreme scenario, world leaders hold an emergency summit in 2014 when it becomes clear that the impacts of climate change are going to be far worse and happen much sooner than previously envisaged.
The Government responds by taking control of vast tracts of land and using it to grow wood and crops for biomass power stations. ...
The report says that satellite images in 2060 would reveal dramatic changes in the countryside. “The landscape is mottled with wind turbines; the patches in the patchwork are bigger; there are more forests and fewer animals; there are fewer vehicles moving along the roads.”
In another scenario, the Government redefines land as a national resource and the rights of landowners are balanced with “society’s rights to public benefits from the services produced by it”. Home ownership falls as people begin to embrace the idea of “stewardship” of shared natural resources.
“People are more interested in leasing or sharing goods and less interested in consumption that threatens sustainability of supply. The UK makes a significant cultural shift away from meeting present desires and towards protecting the needs of future generations.”
The report concludes that failure to manage land in a co-ordinated way could result in severe shortages of resources and “public goods” such as water, wildlife and urban green space.

I haven't reviewed all the reams of documents these wiseheads have produced and frankly I won't. It is all arse, and political arse at that.


Dispersing people away from the SE was a plot on Dr Who a year or two back.

This is plagiarism.

Alan Douglas

Disperse peeps northward by all means. Do it now and to places where property prices are dirt cheap. Just those we are paying for a lifestyle of leisure at that there London prices though. It's no wonder house prices and rents went up and up and up if people were no longer having to downsize or move to cheaper areas due to a change in circumstances.

These families where there is loads of children and no-one working being put in million pound plus houses. If they want accommodating at our expense let them live in Sunderland instead.

When did we slip into the realm of politics by strawman and phantasm? 'Here is an apocalyptic prediction plucked from the arse of a scriptwriter and you are going to be taxed to a standstill to avoid this made up future'

A Guardian reader's wet dream?

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