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Parris Surrenders Without A Shot Being Fired

Think of Hong Kong. Give the Falklands back | Matthew Parris - Times Online

Back? What fucking back? You slimy centrist Tory creep they were never bloody Argentinian in the first place? Go and swivel on Fatty Pang as you spit on our graves.


The only bit that I agree with is that the Americans should pay for the use of Ascension Island and the Chagos Islands.

Diego Garcia is one of the more shameful aspects of British and American history, we should let the Americans buy it but make sure much of the money goes to the descendants of those people evicted for the Americans. At least the Americans would then have to admit that they are colonists like many other countries.

He has some strange ideas about Ascension Island, there are no residents only people working there servicing the various installations like the airfield, BBC transmitters and other agencies. Many are expats from the US and UK with also many from St Helena though I don't think they consider themselves residents of Ascension.

"He [Parris] has some strange ideas..."

You could have stopped right there.

Implicit in Parris's pusillanimous idea that we should cede the Falklands to one of the more inimical Latin American despotisms is that several thousand British citizens should have their nationality unilaterally switched, without their say-so. Just as with Gibraltar, it should not be within a politician's purview to make such decisions.

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