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French Lessons For Sale

Fromgirl.jpg From’ Girls très glamour pour défendre les fromages du terroir français !

Provocative dairymaids or a hint of more serious matters, the From'Girls Calendar appears for its 4th year. It is fulfilling a civic duty: to inform the public of the vital need to protect what is left of the unique national heritage of French cheese, and to promote life's pleasures. New for 2009: l'Association Fromages de Terroirs (non-profit making organisation) asked one of the remaining producers of Munster from unpasteurised milk to pose for the calendar. Virginie Haxaire, cheese maker with sex appeal, appears as Barbara Munster. Gruyère received its "Appellation Controlée" this year and appears in the calendar as Jeanne Gruyère.
Appreciating life's pleasures, its refinement and beauty is very French but is under threat. Our food has lost the human touch. "Nutrition" has become the watchword while flavours are becoming uniformly insipid. The From'Girls Calendar opens our eyes and stimulates our taste buds reminding us that to eat good locally produced cheese is the surest way to find happiness...

For Surrender Monkeys they don't half look tasty....


Could you imagine the bit of the department of Ag that covers cheese producing something like that?

I sometimes think that we get the worst of both worlds right now. We're getting all their grand projet socialism, but we're not getting their laissez-faire attitude to enjoying yourself. You wouldn't see a French village stopping a tradition because it was a bit wet so presented a health and safety risk. You can buy guns in supermarkets. You can run your own still. You'll struggle to find a vegetarian menu outside of tourist areas*. Villages celebrate Bastille Day by feasting, drinking and dancing until 4am without requiring risk assessments or licenses.

It's all a bit cheesy.....

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